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How To Store Shoes To Cut Down On Clutter For Good

Given that the average person owns at least 6 pairs of sneakers, keeping shoes organized can feel challenging. While decluttering is an important part of organizing, it's not the only important part.

It's hard to keep clutter from creeping up unless you create a good system and have the right tools to support you. Keep reading to learn where and how to store shoes to cut down on clutter for good.

Always Declutter First

Decluttering is an important first step. It helps you eliminate shoes you no longer like or wear. Decluttering helps you see exactly how many shoes you have and how much space they take up.

This information helps with figuring out where to store your shoes. You can also more accurately find the organizing product(s) that will work best.

Where To Store Your Shoes

I usually recommend storing similar items together. However, when you have items that aren't used year-round and take up considerable space, it's perfectly acceptable to store your off-season shoes elsewhere such as in another closet or under your bed.

Next, figure out the best space to store the shoes you're currently wearing. Where this depends upon a few factors such as the:

  • Number of shoes

  • Availability of space

  • Your habits

By habits I mean are you the type to take their shoes off immediately after arriving home? Or do you wear your shoes at your home? Where are you most likely to take off and put back on your shoes? That's the best place to store them.

Being honest about your habits will also help you to develop a successful organizational system.

How To Find The Right Shoe Organizing Products In 4 Easy Steps

The best organizational products consider your budget, your needs, and your likes. You don't need to spend a ton of money and you might find you already have something you can use around the home.

In the above photo, I simply painted an old shelving system I've literally owned for over 20 years that probably cost me $10 or less. Here's how to find the right organizational product solution for your needs:

1. It Won't Take Up Too Much Space

Make sure the product fits in the space you want to place it. If it's too big, it'll make the area feel and look smaller and more cluttered which is the exact opposite of what you want.

If it's too small, it may look odd and not work for your needs. You can ensure a proper fit by measuring both the area and noting the product measurements before purchasing it.

2. It Fits All Your Shoes

Again, you can store off-season shoes elsewhere, but in both areas, make sure that whatever products you're using, whether it's a bin, a shoe rack, or something else, the product can actually hold all your shoes.

Do not use something that's too small or too large for your needs. Otherwise, clutter will begin to creep up immediately, rendering your system useless.

3. It Looks Nice

An organizational product doesn't need to look like it belongs in a museum, but you should like how the item looks. You may also want to find something that matches the room's decor or color scheme.

That's because if you don't like how something looks, the chances of you actually using it to help you stay organized is pretty slim.

4. It's Easy To Use

A system that's difficult to use isn't an effective system. And it's not one you'll use for very long. A good organizational system makes it easy for you to use.

If you're someone who will typically kick off their shoes (literally) when they get home, look for products that allow you to do that.

Get Help Setting It Up The Right Way

Not everyone is a great shopper. Others just need the support and guidance to help ensure they'll find the motivation to get the project done and done correctly.

If you find you need extra support, that's why I'm here. Contact me today to schedule your free consultation.

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