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3 Ways to Make Organizing More Fun

When it comes to getting organized, most of us feel as though we "have to" be organized. While we may also want to be organized, it's the feeling that we "have to" that ruins our motivation. Why? Because having to do something sucks all the fun out of it.

Organizing for many is difficult enough. If you're low on energy, incredibly busy, or are struggling with mental and/or health issues, it can feel as though you're being asked to climb Mt. Everest with no guide, no oxygen, and no food.

Thankfully, there are some strategies to help make the process fun. Here are 3 ways to help organizing feel a little more fun.

1. Make it a (fun) Competition

Unless everyone else is physical incapable, you shouldn't be the only person in charge of keeping your home organized. Instead, it should be a team effort. Even kids as young as 3 are capable of picking up items and putting them away.

And it's a lot easier to get others to help if it's fun! Making it a competition is a fun way to get everyone involved.

How to Play:

Step 1: Designate a cluttered area in your home for each participant

Step 2: Set a timer (anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour is good)

The person who declutters the most stuff in their area wins!

Ideas for prizes:

-Winner gets to choose what's for dinner or what movie the family watches that night

-A small treat or a small gift of their choosing ($5 limit)

How to Play if You Live Alone

For those who live alone or don't have extra help, you can still play this game. You can either play with a friend in a different household or simply time yourself. Simply treat yourself to something special like a nice glass of wine or a bit of chocolate at the end.

2. Play Music

Music is powerful. Play the theme song to the movie Halloween and the chances are your spine will begin to tingle with fear.

Thankfully, the right kind of music can help energize you and motivate you! Start by choosing a few of your favorite tunes that make you feel as though you can conquer the world.

Then turn up the volume, get dancing, and start organizing! Once your playlist has finished, you can stop.

3. Perform a Movie Makeover Montage

How many movies have you seen where a character gets a makeover? In the movies it's now a tired trope where an already good looking person gets even hotter because they ditched the glasses and put on some new clothes. But in real life can be both fun and a great way to learn a lot about you and your wardrobe.

What you'll learn:

  • What fits and what doesn't

  • Whether you like the item

  • If an item looks good on you

  • What you already own and what you might still need

  • What clothing items work well together

  • Which items have holes, stains, or other issues

You can do this alone (take photos!) or with an audience of people who are kind to you and are ready to give you an honest opinion.

Ask for Additional Support to Help

Remember that clutter causes both anxiety and depression. If these games seem fun but you still can't seem to motivate yourself to start, you may need additional support.

Don't be afraid to ask a trusted friend or family member to help support you. A professional organizer can also help guide and support you through the process. Don't wait until the clutter has completely taken over your life, get the help you deserve today so you can get back to having fun!

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