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How to Declutter Your Shoes So You Feel & Look Amazing

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." Marilyn Monroe had the right idea about shoes. And it's a great quote to help you get started on decluttering your shoe collection.

I once had a client who owned over 100 pairs of Jimmy Choos. Another client struggled with hoarding so we labeled a bin, "searching for my sole mate," and a third client who didn't own one pair of shoes that weren't about to fall apart.

We all have different life experiences. But we all own shoes and probably a few of them don't belong with us any longer. Keep reading to learn how to declutter your shoes so you end up looking and feeling amazing (because you deserve it).

Step One: Pull Them All Out

Begin by pulling every type of footwear you own out into the middle of the floor where you are working. Aim to work in the room where you keep most of your footwear. Now sort them into similar categories such as winter boots, flip flops, and work shoes.

If pulling them all out seems too daunting, just focus on one category at a time. However, you should pull out every shoe in that category so you can make smarter decisions more easily.

Shoe Category Suggestions

  • Dress shoes

  • Winter shoes

  • Summer shoes

  • Athletic shoes

  • Boots

  • Flip flops

  • Slippers

You only need a larger amount of categories if you own a lot of shoes. If you own 20 pairs or fewer, you only need 1-3 categories to help you sort through them without feeling overwhelmed. These categories will also help you find the pair you want to wear more easily.

Set Boundaries & Goals To Help Make Smarter Decisions More Easily

The goal is to own shoes you love, fit well, and wear. To help you understand what that feels like, go ahead and grab your favorite pair of shoes. Next, write down 3-5 adjectives that describe why you like these shoes. While you may not feel exactly the same way about each pair of shoes, it's a good baseline to help you just keep the shoes that make you feel good about yourself.

Next, set boundaries by asking the following questions:

  • Do they fit properly?

  • Do they hurt when you wear them?

  • Do you get blisters?

  • Does your heel slip?

  • Do your toes get bruised or smash up against the front of the shoe?

  • Are they worn to the point they can't be fixed up by a cobbler?

  • Will you take them to a cobbler?

  • Have you worn them in the last 2 years?

  • Do they match anything you own?

  • Do you like them?

  • Do you own anything thing in your wardrobe you can actually wear with these shoes?

Make sure you not only need them, but you like them. Very few people will wear an item they don't like even if there's 5 feet of snow and the only other option is flipflops.

What To Do With The Footwear You No Longer Want

I know a lot of people feel hesitant to declutter because they don't want to add more garbage to our waste sites. But that doesn't mean you need to turn your home into one just to save the environment.

Try to buy footwear that's quality, works with a wide variety of your wardrobe, and you can see yourself wearing and enjoying for years to come. You'll save money and the environment.

Try to wear your shoes until they're ready to be recycled. And then do some research to learn where and how you can recycle shoes.

You can also donate your shoes to a worthy cause. Most local charities also accept shoes.

And don't beat yourself over the head if you do end up buying shoes in the future you get bored with quickly. Do an online search to see where you can sell your quality shoes or, find a site that rents designer shoes.

Keep Going

Knowing how to declutter your shoes means you also know how to declutter other items in your home. It's the same process for everything.

And while the process itself is easy, it's also really challenging. And that's where I can help. If you need additional support and guidance to help you gain more time and control over your life, it's time to schedule that first session.

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