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The Secret to Successful Purging: The Truth

The good news is that we're actually pretty truthful. We average folk lie anywhere from 0-2 times per day. The bad news is that lying even a little is bad for our physical and emotional health.

Lying also makes purging and organizing seem impossible. The truth is that purging isn't that hard. Unless you aren't willing to face the truth.

If you're struggling to get and stay organized, keep reading. I'm going to share with you a few ways you can get out of your own way by finally being honest with yourself.

The Truth About Why We Lie

We lie for a multitude of reasons. Often, it's because lying feels easier than facing the truth.

We also lie because we aren't ready to face the truth. And sometimes we lie because we can. But lying often makes life harder and more stressful.

That's why the saying is that the truth will set us free.

Decluttering and Trust Building

I love decluttering because it's a wonderful and safe opportunity to get back in touch with myself. I find when I acknowledge and face my clutter in a truthful way, it helps to alleviate my anxiety.

It also helps me to hone my trust-building skills. Most people own at least 100 pieces of clothing. That's 100 times I get to learn how to trust myself and my instincts.

An Example:

Sort through your shirts. Ask yourself do I like this, need this, use this?

If Yes, then why? Does it:

  • Help support me in my goal to feel like the competent, beautiful, smart person I know I am?

  • Fit and flatter me?

  • Make me feel happy to think about wearing it again?

Awesome! Keep those items because your truth is that these items reflect and support the best of you!

Or, does it:

  • Not fit, but I swear I'm going to get back into shape ... just need to start that diet

Truth: Whether you do or don't diet is irrelevant. Bodies change, clothing doesn't. Accepting and loving yourself as you are is more important than fitting into that article of clothing.

  • Make me feel like I should want to wear it because I do like it

Truth: If you haven't worn it in over 2 years it means you like it, but not enough to wear it. Kinda means you don't like it for you anymore and it's your wardrobe so face the reality that your tastes have changed (and that's normal) and get rid of it.

  • Seem difficult to pair it with anything

Truth: We all do it. Something catches our eye in the store and looks like it holds fun and possibilities but just doesn't fit in with who we truly are when we get it home. We know this because it doesn't match with anything else we have. Face the reality that it makes no sense to hold onto this item any longer because it just doesn't match you.

  • Make me feel guilty, embarrassed, or afraid in any way

Truth: When you surround yourself with items that make you feel embarrassed, afraid, or guilty, it affects how you view the world and yourself.

Life is already hard enough without purposely surrounding yourself with junk that makes you feel awful about yourself and your life. It affects your judgment and makes everything feel harder and more stressful.

Own Your Truth

Don't let your ego prevent you from achieving the life you deserve. It thinks it's keeping you safe by discouraging change. But how is keeping a shirt with yellow mustard stains or something you stopped wearing 10 years ago helping you safe?

Lying keeps you comfortable only in that there's no change. But that doesn't mean you are happy, healthy, or in control of your life.

Purging lies from your life helps you reduce anxiety, reclaim your power, and find new and healthy options to create the life you've always wanted. And deserve. When you're ready to get started on purging unnecessary items and habits from your life, contact me.

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