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How Your Health, Happiness, and Productivity Levels Can Change by Organizing Your Wardrobe

I get it, not everyone is a fashionista. Or they simply lack the budget to create the wardrobe of their dreams.

But none of that means that you can't take action to make some major changes in your closet to bring about greater health, happiness, and productivity. Sounds silly, or impossible, but it's true.

Think about how often you see yourself on a daily basis. You go to the bathroom and catch sight of yourself or walk past a store and see your reflection. While you may not think much about it, how you're dressed does change how you think about yourself.

Even if you're more into jeans and t-shirts that haute couture, the effect is the same, you want to look your best because it ends up affecting how you feel about yourself. Imagine walking into your closet in the morning.

You open up the door and take a look inside. What you see is your favorite clothing that all fit and flatter you well. They are hung neatly and you can see everything easily, without having to paw your way through throngs of clothing you've hung onto because "you might wear it someday".

Now imagine how easily it would be to find an outfit to wear because you can see everything. Imagine how much time you'd save finding something to wear.

Now imagine yourself in that outfit. It looks great and you as a result, feel great. You are wearing something you love and that flatters you.

Imagine how that affects your mind, body, and spirit. How knowing you look and feel good affects your productivity levels. You can now focus on other aspects of your life because you know, no matter what, you have a great wardrobe of items you love and fit you well.

Start With Your Wardrobe

If you're looking to get and stay organized, it's important to start first with your wardrobe. It's where good decision making begins and good decision making is a life skill that you can utilize in every aspect of your life so that you can get the most out of your life.

It's also not hard, you just have to be willing to be honest with yourself and to let go of items you no longer like or wear. That's it. There's no magic bean, no secret, and you don't need to be Anna Wintour to do it.

Just start by taking a look at what you have. That means putting like things together. Your sweaters with your sweaters. Your socks with your socks. This helps you realize what you have and also helps you figure out where you're keeping everything.

Sort Into Categories

Once everything has been sorted into their proper categories, you can start making some choices. And don't think you have to sort everything at once. If you just want to start with sorting your jeans, that's okay. Do that.

The next step after sorting is making decisions. Remember, this doesn't have to be hard, but you do need to be honest with yourself and sometimes, that is that hardest part.

Your ego will get involved and tell you that you need those jeans you haven't worn in three years because, "maybe you'll finally lose that weight and fit back into them."

Maybe you think that dress you haven't touched in six years is really needed because at any moment someone will invite you to the opera. Or that really expensive and really bright orange shirt you bought three months ago will be worn at some point.

The truth is that those jeans are just making you feel badly about your current body and making you feel as though you were somehow better when you were thinner. It's a lie surrounded by shame. Shame doesn't help you lose weight and keep it off. Not in a healthy way, at least and you deserve to have a healthy body.

Let Go of Guilt, Fear, and Shame

Lose the jeans and focus on loving yourself just as you are right now, even if it's a few pounds heavier than you'd like. It's more important to dress for the now than for a future that may never arrive. A future shrouded in pain, fear, and shame.

That dress may be amazing, but if you really were invited to the opera, would you actually wear that dress or would you prefer to buy a new one? Be honest. Most of us would want something new. If you really feel you'd wear the dress, then go buy yourself a ticket to an event that requires you wear that dress and then wear it.

If not, let the dress go knowing that someone else could benefit from that dress and all it's giving you now is an excuse to tell yourself lies. It's okay to want something new. You don't need to hold on to old memories or old dresses just "in case."

As for that orange shirt, so you made a mistake. We all do. We all make purchases we're excited about and then change our minds soon after. Maybe it was expensive and that's okay, too.

It's Okay to Have Made Mistakes

It's okay to spend money, it's okay to make mistakes. It's not okay to hang onto those mistakes as a shameful, guilty reminder as it does us no good and usually causes us to continue making stupid mistakes based on guilt, shame, and the fear that you'll never going to learn how to make good decisions.

So let them all go. Let the tattered socks go. Let the ugly sweater Aunt Ida bought you go. You already graciously accepted the gift and she received her thanks. You owe no one anything at this point except to yourself. And you owe yourself the truth and a nice wardrobe filled with items you actually like and wear.

It's also okay to not be ready to make decisions on everything. You can wait. You don't need to shame yourself into making decisions you're not ready to make. This isn't a test, it's the beginning of learning how to make better decisions. It's a life skill and like every other skill you pick up during your lifetime, you won't become a pro at it overnight. So watch your expectations and give yourself a break.

It's also okay to get rid of most of your wardrobe. You only need what you love and you can rebuild with items that make you happy. And if you make another mistake while you're rebuilding, that's okay, too.

The most important thing is to be surrounded by items that bring you happiness and help you build your confidence. Well made, well fitting clothing can do that for you.

Placing like items together makes it easier for you to find them. Items that require folding should be folded into rectangle and then placed horizontally, rather than vertically within a drawer. That way, you can see everything and you can replace them more easily when you're finished wearing them.

After purging items from your wardrobe you no longer wear or like, it's easier to see what new pieces you need to complete your wardrobe. You'll also have a better understanding of what you actually like based on what you chose to keep.

Consider Shopping Online

Online shopping has made it easier than ever to find pieces that you love and that are made from quality. That way, you'll be able to enjoy and wear your clothing for years to come.

Online stores like are great because they merge fashion with quality. But they also go one step further and they make sure that every piece they create fits you properly. It makes a huge difference in how you feel and carry yourself when you're wearing items that fit you the way they're supposed to.

That changes how you think and feel about yourself and that can lead to a whole change in attitude. So, don't wait and start sorting, purging, and organizing your closet. You'll be one step closer to becoming a happier, healthier, more productive person and you'll have a wardrobe everyone will be envious of.

Don't forget to ask for help and support if you need it.

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