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The 3 Most Common Places Clutter Hides in Plain Sight (And how to conquer it for good)

Did you know your kitchen is the germiest room in your home? In fact, in a recent study, out of 1,000 kitchen sponges, 10% had salmonella.

One reason your kitchen and other rooms aren't as clean as they should be is due to clutter. It's hard to clean surfaces when it's cluttered with stuff. And that clutter is also collecting and trapping dirt, dust, dead bugs, and god knows what else. That's bad for both your physical and mental health.

To help you stay safe, healthy, and clutter-free, here are the top 3 most common places clutter hides in plain sight. And how to conquer it for good.


It's easy to leave items on your countertops. Unfortunately, all that clutter makes it harder for you to function easily in your kitchens and bathrooms.

Here are the most common types of clutter found on countertops:

  • Rarely used appliances

  • Food items

  • Dish and glassware

  • Garbage

When it's harder to function, it's harder to clean. And that can affect your mental and physical health. Here's how to easily keep countertops clutter-free:

  • Keep only what you use every day on countertops, including appliances

  • Place dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher immediately

  • Keep decorations to a minimum

  • Designate a spot for everything

Designate a time every day to clean your kitchen. You can also wipe down counters in your bathrooms once a day to keep them clean and clutter-free.


Tabletops of type are the most common places clutter hides in plain sight. Basically, if it's a large enough surface, it's prone to attract clutter. Here are the most common types of clutter found on tables:

  • Reading materials (books, magazines)

  • Remote controls

  • Dirty dishes/glassware

  • Mail

Tabletops are more likely to pick up random clutter- especially if you don't have a designated spot for everything. Tabletops are perfect for the "I-don't-know-where-that-goes-so-I'll-just-put-it-here-for-now-type clutter.

Here's how to cut down on tabletop clutter:

  • Choose tables with drawers to store items

  • Baskets can hold items such as remote controls

  • Collect dirty dishes/glassware at the end of the day

  • Cut down on junk mail and store unopened mail in a bin

  • Install shelving to hold books

You can also adopt a habit of removing clutter as you pass by it and putting it where it belongs in its designated spot.


Yes, even chairs and sofas can collect clutter. I know my sofa certainly can if I'm busy or tired. Here's what's most likely found on these surfaces:

  • Laundry

  • Mail

  • Books

  • Remotes

If a chair is more for decoration but it's not a chair you love, you're more likely to use it as a catch-all. Here's how to prevent these surfaces from collecting clutter;

  • Put a decorative pillow or blanket you really love to prevent you from covering the surface with clutter

  • Replace it with a chair you really love

  • Place a bin or basket right next to the sofa or chair to put these items

Aim to spend 15 minutes each week removing clutter and cleaning.

Set Up Systems

There are other common places clutter hides in plain sight so it's a lot easier to keep clutter away when you create systems. And that includes a system where you keep every item you own and a system for how you keep clutter from creeping back in, even when life gets busy.

Not everyone learned how to create organizational systems. It's not taught in schools and most parents don't even think to teach this skill.

If you're looking to learn skills to help you feel calmer and more in control in your home and in your life, I can help. Click here to schedule your free consultation.

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