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5 Things to Remove From Your Bedroom for Better Rest

According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, 70% of American adults reported not getting enough sleep at least once a month. 11% reported not getting enough sleep every single night.

Left untreated, those 50 to 70 million Americans by sleep-related problems can lead to physical and mental health issues.

Your bedroom should be the place where you can fully rest and rejuvenate. But when pockets of clutter begin to arise, it can create problems. That's because clutter causes anxiety and depression.

If you'd like to get better rest, keep reading. Here are five things to remove from your bedroom today for a better night's sleep.

1. Personal Photos

While it's great to honor your loved ones by placing their photos around your home, there are two rooms where they don't belong: the bathroom and the bedroom. Think of how awkward a photo of your Uncle Edward hanging in your bathroom would make you feel each time you take a shower or use the toilet.

The same is true for your bedroom. This is a room where you engage in intimate, private acts. It is not a place for your parents or children to be staring at you while you sleep.

The Solution

While photos of the occupants of the room are fine, keep the personal photos of everyone else out in a public space where everyone can enjoy them.

2. Books and Magazines

It's fine to keep one or two books/magazines on your nightstand. But when you keep stacks of them next to where you sleep, it can have a negative effect, especially on your sleep.

That's because everything is energy, including inanimate objects. Here's what a pile of unread books and magazines are often silently saying to their owner:

  • You have too much reading to do to sleep

  • You're never going to get through all of this reading material

  • Everything must be read or you're a failure

If you're exhausted reading this, think of how you feel when you enter your bedroom!

The Solution

  • Keep books and magazines on shelves in another room

  • Donate old books

  • Recycle your old magazine when the new edition arrives

Don't forget that new information is always available so you don't need to keep magazines. Just use the internet.

3. Plants

Plants are beautiful. They also help clean the air and make us feel happy.

But they're not appropriate for the bedroom.

Why? That's because again, everything is energy. And plants are alive which means they give off a lot more energy than inanimate objects.

So while they're usually a great, positive thing to have in your home, they could affect your sleep cycle.

The Solution

Place your plants in any other room except your bedroom.

4. Electronics

Electronics are a tough one. On one hand, it's nice to watch television in bed. Really nice.

And it's also great to have your laptop, cell phone, and iPad with you in bed.

But alas, they too give off energy. And they emit blue light which can reduce or delay the natural production of your melatonin which helps you feel sleepy. Electronics also muck up the amount of time you're in REM (rapid-eye movement) which can mess with your cognitive thinking.

The Solution

If you aren't willing to ban these items from your bedroom, try these ideas:

  • Cover your television with a cloth at night

  • Place your cell phone/laptop/iPad in a drawer while you sleep

  • Turn off your devices

Electronics used at night when the light is dim can also mess with your retina's. Maybe try meditating if you're having trouble getting to sleep quickly.

5. Decorative Chairs

If you actively use all the furniture in your room, there's no problem. The problem comes when your armchair, which might look nice, serves no real purpose.

Which means it can then become a catch-all for clutter. And trying to put a decorative pillow or beloved stuffed animal there won't help. You'll just cover that stuff up with more clutter.

The Solution

Remove the chair from the room or begin actively using the chair. Perhaps you might actually start reading that large stack of books or magazines.

Other Pockets of Clutter

Clutter begins when you put something where it doesn't belong. The best way to conquer clutter for good is to assign a designated spot for everything you own.

Also, bringing in the right organizational tools can make a huge difference on permanently cutting down clutter. Not sure which tools are best? Click here to find out!

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