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Transforming Your Living Room into an Allergy-Free Zone

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

“I believe the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” -Joyce Meyer

The living room is usually where everyone gathers to talk, watch television, or just curl up with a good book. But if you suffer from allergies, any time spent in your living room could mean misery for you.

Or maybe you assume that your living room has to look spartan in order for you to get and stay healthy. While removing as much dust as you can is obviously a great strategy to eliminate and avoid allergens, that doesn’t mean you have to live like a monk.

That’s why I've created this guide to help you spot where allergens hide and how to easily remove them. Here are some simple decorating tips to help you enjoy your space and transform your living room into an allergy-free zone.

Remove Clutter

The best and easiest way to reduce dust is to eliminate clutter. Sometimes that seems easier said than done. So to help you out, here are some tips to conquer common clutter in your living room.

Books and Magazines

Books and magazines can quickly attract clutter. Especially if you keep them out in the open. Keep your books on shelves where you can easily find and dust them. Keep your magazines until they’ve been read or the next one arrives and then recycle the magazine.


Open surfaces are practically begging for clutter to pile up on them. Make sure that everything you own has a place where it belongs. Then make sure you return any item to its rightful spot. Yes, this is a rule we all learned in Kindergarten, but sometimes adults need to be reminded that simple solutions often work the best.

Keep Germs Contained

Germs can linger everywhere and you can’t see them. Often the only time you realize they are there is when you get sick. To avoid germs making you sick, there are some easy steps you can take.

Use trash cans in your home that have lids. That way bugs can get in and germs can’t get out. Also, who wants to look at their garbage? Use plastic liners in your trash cans so you can easily remove the garbage when it gets full.

Also, wipe down and disinfect the following items. They are handled the most often and usually by more than one person.

  • TV remote

  • Computer keyboard and mouse

  • Landlines and cellular phones

Aim to wipe down surfaces at least once a week to keep germs at bay.

Choose Leather and Wood Over Fabric and Carpeting

While furniture made using fabrics allows for more decorating options, they are also magnets for dirt, dust, and fur. Fabrics are also harder to clean and retain odors.

Consider buying furniture made of leather and wood. You can always add color and personality with decorative pillows and throws.

Also, carpeting attracts dirt, dust, grime, and a whole lot of other nasty things in its fibers. Consider having hardwood floors or carpeting with a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and have short fibers rather than plush carpeting. Clean your carpets often.

Lastly, a really easy way to prevent a ton of nasty dirt, dust, grime, and other unmentionable but equally harmful and gross items from coming into your home is to simply remove your shoes when you enter your home.

Dress Your Windows Carefully

When it comes to dressing your windows, you have some options in choosing either blinds or curtains. But that doesn’t mean you choose some blinds and forget it. Here are some steps you can take to avoid allergies when it comes to your windows.

Choose blinds that have large plates which are easier to clean and collect far less dust than blinds with smaller plates will.

  • Choose curtains that are lightweight and washable.

  • Place an air purifier near the window to trap outside airborne contaminants.

  • Repair caulking and cracks in or near your windows.

  • Close your windows when the air quality is poor.

You can also burn or spray sage to help improve the air quality in your home.

Allergy-Free Pets

Pets are wonderful companions. But they are also an allergen with cute, furry faces. Thankfully, if you suffer from allergies, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to choose a goldfish as your pet. Here’s how you can have your pet without suffering.

  • Keep them off the furniture

  • Choose hardwood floors over carpeting so their dander and fur don’t stick around longer than necessary

  • Vacuum and dust often

Also, don’t forget that some breeds are okay for people with allergies. Dog breeds like poodles don’t actually have fur. They have hair like we do which means less allergy-causing dander for you.

Tips for Showing a Home That's Dust-Free

While you may not have allergies, potential buyers might. No one wants to buy a home where they're constantly sneezing.

If you are ready to sell, make sure you keep your home free from dust. Vacuum the day before or the day of a showing. If you do have pets, let your real estate agent know where they're being kept so everyone, including your pet, remains safe.

If you're ready to finally tackle dust-causing clutter for good, click here to learn how.

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