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Easy Organizing Ideas

The problem with organizing is that it has gotten a bad rap. Too many people think it's hard to get and stay organized.

It's not.

The reason why so many people struggle is because they get in their own way. They create an organizational system that's too hard to sustain. Especially if they're unwilling to make any changes.

If you're one of them, keep reading. Here are my five favorite organizing ideas anyone can easily implement.

  1. Think Like a Kid

Sounds like odd advice to think like a kid, but the easier your system is, the more likely you are to keep doing it. Lose your keys often? If you were helping a child keep track of their toy keys, you'd probably place them on a hook or in an empty bowl nearest to where they typically drop them and tell them it was the "special place for their keys".

Why It Works

Do the same for yourself and you'll save time and a few extra moments of frustration every morning. But to do this successfully you'll have to decide to change enough to make a point of actually using the system. If you forget, self correct when you remember and soon it'll become a habit you don't need to think about.

2. Research How to Do Things Easier

The internet is a great resource. Use it to help you find the latest house cleaning tips and tricks, how to organize your closet, and even where to sell items.

What to Remember

You do not need 10 resources, instead find one or two sites that can provide you with the information or tools you need. Otherwise, you'll get lost in the clutter that is cyberspace.

3. Tend to Your Garden

No system is so perfect that it doesn't need occasional tweaking, especially since your own needs and wants will change over time. You may find that a system that worked in the past is no longer working as well.

Tending to your system and making necessary changes as soon as they pop up helps you avoid unwanted clutter building up in your life and your home.

Remove the Clutter

Start by purging anything you no longer like, use or need. Think of clutter like weeds which are preventing your garden from becoming bountiful.

4. Have Fun

There are already enough things in life that suck but we have to deal with such as bills, taxes, and folding fitted sheets. Truth be told, until my first apartment after college, I was a slob.

Then I realized that life was easier when I hung up my clothes and kept surfaces free from clutter. Hanging up one shirt every night was a lot easier than having to search for items every day. I also avoided large cleanup jobs that were often dirty, gross, and took hours.

Smaller tasks are easier to handle. Also, life is easier and more fun after I got and stayed organized because it gave me more time to do things I wanted to do.

4 Ways to Make Tidying Up Fun

  • Listen to music when tidying up. You can even make up your own tidying song!

  • Do it as a family. The more hands helping, the faster the task is finished.

  • Reward yourself with a small snack or a favorite beverage after the task is finished.

  • Dance around while tidying up. Have fun, tidy up, burn calories.

5. Set Boundaries

The key to getting what you want is to set boundaries. Want to eat healthier? Set a boundary in the grocery store by avoiding buying processed food stocked in the inner aisles.

If you want less clutter in your life, set boundaries to prevent clutter in the first place.

4 Healthy Boundaries You Can Easily Adopt

  • Before you make a purchase, always ask yourself if you'll need, use, and like the item.

  • Create a household rule that everything must be in its place before bedtime each night.

  • Create a weekly schedule so everyone knows what their responsibility is and all tasks get done.

  • Adopt a one-in, one-out rule for your closet to ensure you wear and enjoy everything you own.

Before you focus on using these easy organizing ideas on anyone else, adopt them for yourself. Once you get and stay organized, it's much easier to inspire others to follow suit, especially if they live with you.

If you're still struggling, ask for help. A professional organizer can help you see where you're getting stuck. Contact me today to learn more.

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