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5 Easy Ways to Prep Your Bedroom for a Sale

In 2017, the rate of growth in Sussex County, Delaware was a 2.1%. Since then, that rate has held steady.

While real estate is booming, that doesn't always translate to quick and easy sale. Many sellers don't understand how important presentation is to the sale of their home.

Each room is unique and there are different steps to take. In a bedroom, it's supposed to be a place for rest and rejuvenation, not clutter and chaos.

With that in mind, here are 5 easy ways to prep your bedroom for a sale.

  1. Organize Your Closet

It's no surprise that a home buyer wants ample closet space in their new home. And if your closet looks like it's about to vomit our clothing when the door opens you've got a problem.

Clutter causes people to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Would you want to buy a home where you felt unsettled and out-of-sorts?

You're going to have to pack up your closet to move anyway so now is the perfect time. Here's how:

  • Keep anything you like, use, and/or need.

  • Put similar items together. Hang shirts with shirts and pants with pants.

  • Hang each category dark colors to light colors and thicker items to thinner items.

  • Recycle wire hangers. Don't use them, they're only for dry cleaning purposes.

  • Pack any off-season items you don't need access to.

Don't forget to label the box so you know where to find everything.

2. Remove All Photos

Photographs of family and friends are wonderful to display around your home. They're welcome anywhere except the bedroom.

And that's because bedrooms are for resting and relaxation. Yet so many people display family members smiling at them in a space where they sleep and have intimate moments. All with their family and friends looking on.

It's best not to let strangers get a glimpse into your personal life. And most don't want to see who lives here now, they want to envision their family in the home instead.

Once you move, keep the photos out of the bedroom.

3. Clear Clutter from Surfaces

Again, the buyer wants to make sure your bedroom has enough space for their stuff. Clutter in the bedroom makes the space look much smaller.

And clutter invites dust and bugs to hang out. You want your bedroom to look inviting, restful, roomy, organized and clean.

You don't want strangers judging you on what books you read, trying on your perfume or being tempted to palm something. Here are a few simple tips to help highlight the room and not your belongings:

  • Pack up anything items you won't need until after you move.

  • Store items you do need in cabinets or in drawers.

  • Get into the habit of making your bed every day.

Moves are chaotic even under the best circumstances. The earlier you prepare and get organized is will help greatly reduce your stress levels.

4. Keep it Bright

While you may like your bedroom to have a cave-like feeling, buyers won't share that sentiment. Also, a brightly lit bedroom will make your room appear larger. Here are a few tips on how to make your bedroom more appealing:

  • Keep your window shades open when you show your home.

  • Turn on lights when you photograph your bedroom to make it even brighter.

  • Remove heavy curtains.

  • Add a bright throw rug.

If your bedroom is small, consider hanging a large mirror or series of small mirrors to help brighten the space and make it feel larger.

5. Fix These Items

Most homes can stand to have a few minor improvements done before you put it up for sale. These following improvements are small but can make a big difference:

  • Remove stains on the floor, walls or ceiling.

  • Give the room a fresh paint job. Pick a neutral color.

  • Remove broken furniture.

  • Fix any cracks.

  • Have carpets cleaned.

  • Clean your windows.

These ideas won't cost a lot of money but will work wonders to make your bedroom look fresher and ready to sell.

Hire Professionals to Help

You may find it's easier to call in the professionals to help you prepare for your sale. Here are a few

  • Real Estate Agent: They'll walk you through the whole home selling process, help you get the best price for your home and recommend other service professionals like mortgage lenders and real estate attorneys.

  • Handyman/woman: They can fix minor issues in your home such as painting, fixing small cracks, window cleaning, etc.

  • Professional Organizer: We can help you declutter, pack and label belongings, find places to store items, sell items, downsize, plan your new space, recommend professionals to help with other tasks, and oversee your move from start to finish.

Start Early

The earlier you start to prep your bedroom for a sale, the more time you'll have to get everything done. You'll find you can budget your money, make smarter decisions, and will experience less stress.

Alison Kero Organizing can help. Whether you need a basic consultation or our full-service package, we're here to make moving easier. Contact us today to learn more.

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