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Co-working Spaces Also Work for Companies that Need Privacy

When people think of coworking spaces ping pong tables, chats around beer and extravagant breakrooms may arise. Only a few ones consider coworking as a place to benefit both from a shared environment and a cool private office. Let's show you why coworking spaces are also suitable for those businesses that need some level of privacy.

It's important to understand that coworking spaces are part of a shared office system. What does this mean? You are able to choose from different office types (hot desk, dedicated desk or private office) and still enjoy common areas, networking events and become part of a professional community. In other words, coworking spaces allow you to have privacy, and access to the main space where the fun happens!

Besides, coworking spaces also count with phone cabins and small cabinets where silence is the V.I.P guest. This means you will no longer have to try to find a peaceful and quiet corner when holding a phone call or receiving important clients for a meeting.

As Niki Kotsapouikis, Assistant Controller at The Frances Xavier Warde School says, “Having a private office within shared space allows business’ to create a certain duality that normal companies don’t have. It allows them to both work independently within their confined space but also gives them the opportunity to converse, correspond and share knowledge with other folks in various realms".

Furthermore, a recent survey found that 51% of people in co-working spaces do business with one another at least once a month, 80% of tenants have expanded their business networks and 86% have increased their social circle. In other words, with a co-working space, you don't have to leave the building to network with other companies.

Along with these benefits, co-working spaces also know that companies with different nature have specific requirements. For instance, writers need complete silent rooms to get their inspiration, while those in an advertising agency need to be attending clients all the time. The great news is, there are specialized co-working spaces, to gather a particular niche in the creative industries.

For example, there’s a co-working space in Berlin where fashion designers are welcome so sewing machines are not a problem. Artsy co-working spaces that allow users to be dirty and noisy, and those that ban phones to create free-noise scenarios.

All that being said, although co-working spaces are designed with an open layout, you can still maintain your privacy. Whether a private office, hot desk or team room, you can count on a co-working space to respect your needs to focus.

Ready to have your own private space, all within a larger environment? Learn how OfficeList can help you find the perfect co-working space to keep privacy for you and your team.

Camila Restrepo

Author’s Bio: Camila Restrepo is a passionate story builder and journalist. As OfficeList´s Communications Manager, she’s building an online community for entrepreneurs.

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