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Tips to Declutter, Organize, & Stage Your Home

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This is a self-paced course designed to teach you how to get your home ready for better living, selling, packing, and moving in about an hour. In this course you'll learn how, where, and what you'll need to get started, how to declutter and organize your home. You'll also learn home staging, home improvement, and deep cleaning tips. Also included is how to select organizing products that fit, function, and look great in your space, what to do with everything you no longer want to keep, and how and where to set up a home office and get and keep it organized. You can either choose to buy this course separately or choose a program which includes 1:1 virtual consultations with professional organizer and decluttering expert, Alison Kero. These sessions can be used by individuals, couples, and families. During these consultations she'll set up a customized system so you can create lasting change in your home and life. She'll also help keep you motivated, stay on task, and help you decide on the tough stuff. This is perfect for individuals, families, and couples who want to improve their current home, are looking to sell, or who recently moved into a new space and want help setting it up properly.

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